It is the process of writing your content in another language. It requires accuracy, a deep understanding of the subject matter and the context in which the text was written as well as a thorough knowledge of the target culture.

Editing and Proofreading

Verifying a bilingual document checking for errors in terminology, grammar, spelling and usage conventions of the target language.


It involves the process of adapting a product to a specific country or region. The purpose is to give the product the look and feel of having been created specifically for a target market, no matter their language, culture, or location.

Some examples of recent projects include:

Law: Court certificates; Civil and criminal complaints; Court experts’ reports; Notarized letters; Summons; Labor complaints; Apostilles and certifications; Civil and criminal judgments.
Business and Finance: Policy books; Agreements; Provisions of Boards of Directors; Bank statements; Financial reports; Minutes of corporate meetings; Balance sheets; Budgets.
Medicine: Informed consent forms; Protocols on clinical trials; Patient information leaflets; Adverse drug reaction reports; First aid material; Scientific papers; Reports on Fabry disease.

Other Projects: Software strings; Users manuals; Localization of web sites.

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